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tv   Headline News  RT  June 14, 2014 3:00pm-3:29pm EDT

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hated for years rarely discussed. until now i'd probably rather not talk about that right. watching r.t. international breaking news this hour radicals in kiev have attacked the russian embassy this afternoon damaging cars and vandalizing the building while the ukrainian police reportedly stand by and watch. and to give forces in eastern ukraine of the military transport plane carrying weapons and troops all forty nine on board were killed. elsewhere terrorists are now in control of iraq's north reportedly plan to form a new government in the region by tomorrow the country resorts now they're calling on volunteer fighters to try to drive out the radicals. and from surveillance to nuclear warheads we look at fears that britain's ever closer ties
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with the u.s. are all given no take and could be in danger of u.k. national security. kevin zero in first in this hour in the ukrainian capital protesters earlier and continuing to do so to surround the russian embassy a group of protesters have been allowed into the building now in the last hour or two to voice their demands they're accusing russia of supplying antigovernment activists with weapons parties paul scott's in kiev for us protesters are currently outside the russian embassy not far from here in kiev police say it began with out with around one hundred demonstrators are carrying anti russian placards and shouting loudly slogans but the numbers then soon began to swell and the atmosphere
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in the room began to turn sour as well marse men arrived and they began to pelt the building with eggs and with paint they overturned a number. diplomatic big vehicles and smashed the windows of nearby cars as well now the russian flag outside the embassy has been taken down the placed with a ukrainian one and with a right sector flag as well some of the protesters outside the russian embassy at the moment are carrying right sector banners now there's no suggestion at the moment that the demonstrators tried to enter the embassy but despite that tensions are clearly very very high however police could be saying pretty much standing idly by not doing anything as events there unfold all the exits and all the entrances are currently blocked but despite this our team has managed to speak to one of the diplomats inside. the situation gets little tense protesters have turned over embassy cars parked outside the perimeter is blocked
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with the driveways of protesters own cars they've torn down the russian flag from the pole ukrainian police are supposed to guard the embassy on preventing the harm being done to russian property. so it seems with hundreds of protesters outside the russian embassy here in kiev tensions remain very very high. all the radicals in curve are apparently blaming russia for the crash of this military transport jet shot down by an to give a protest is in eastern ukraine on friday night laying the blame with russia is a growing trend indeed in ukraine so it's no doubt in parts of the country's media here some of the latest headlines in the news all here let's talk more about the first of all any where the media element to this and maybe stoking events that you're even seeing happening tonight the overall situation with the award winning investigative journalist and filmmaker danny schechter is joining us on the line hi there danny it happens i guess in times of tension it's nothing new depending on
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what country you're talking about but how much is the ukrainian media stoking up anti russian tension here and it boils over like we've seen today the attack on the embassy well you know there's an urgency to it now i think from so. a coup you craney and one of your ways from the viewpoint of the ukrainian government suddenly with the events in iraq american media is shifting its attention away from ukraine to iraq and of course in some instances blaming the obama administration of what's happening near that results in a i think indeed on the part of some in the ukraine to try to get back into the media i by staging incidents that could lead to a over response by russians which they could then use to justify calls for intervention or more support from the united states so there's a game being played here clearly a geopolitical game that has to do with the fact that the attention the media hand
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has moved over to iraq and iran ukrainians who support the current government want to bring it back to ukraine the way to do that is with charges that russia is somehow either invading sending tanks there or in other ways a representing a threat to ukraine and a protest at the embassy could lead to a reaction by russia they believe i would suggest you know that could then escalate this whole crisis even more and get the media back here this is similar to maybe just the bit of farfetched or speculation on my part but i don't think it's happening by chance at this particular point in time yeah dunny when we see an embassy attacked it's a serious matter the matter how you look at it was saying cars overturned you seeing a nazi slogans you can see painted on the the of the front of the building well what about the reaction is going to be well you know this is a country that spent years you know on on the whole america held hostage the well
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when iranian students the took over the u.s. embassy in tehran you know went on for years there were hostages there was a way. organized an incredible amount of hatred against iran and finally it was ended through negotiations but you know here nothing like that has happened here at least not yet but of course the response is to condemn the russians pretty much because we're on the verge of you know a new cold war at least that some in washington want the neo cons even some in the . obama administration want to be able to blame russia and incidents that they can either provoke or stage or report on in a distorted way in we'd to that outcome including you know more hostility towards russia among american it's a warning investigative journalist citadel of filmmaker indeed producer danny
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schechter thank you for your thoughts tonight r.t. international. well let's talk now about the ukrainian army that plane ukrainian army saying all forty nine people on board the plane shot down on friday night in lugansk were killed videos emerged showing the moment of the attack and its aftermath the plane was coming in to land at logan square port carrying troops weapons and supplies kiev officials say they're considering this is a terror attack the crew and soldiers aboard the plane are the single biggest loss the ukrainian army suffered since the start of the crackdown. on foreign policy and is such a trip give each told us it might actually make the kiev government see reason maybe it could actually contribute to the calming of the waters from expense because the way in which the ukrainian about it because if you use their power over the recent weeks has been and will be extremely they obviously you. know i'm going to weapons wherever those who are
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a hospital will security and i think because of the no fly zone in ukraine is not warranted then he was in a league. but political analyst select and the public believes kiev and its allies will just use this incident to further denounce russia they're just going to blame russia were blaming him for the past several weeks you know this is supposed to be you know this collision on the part of russia i mean how these people managed to downplay i mean you know what moscow russia wants to be a great hertzog military industry but they're going to pin the blame on russia because the real target is russia it's not even the south east or the east of ukraine so i expect escalation from early and otherwise from nato by washington or london brussels berlin fortunately. ukraine's
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authorities have detained two russian journalists again it's just the latest incident in a series all for different reasons the russian shall lose journalists had been arrested before say all there had. on them was the necessary paperwork but they say it was in order to russian border guards detained ukrainian journalist on their territory for crossing the border illegally she's since been fined and sent back to ukraine. diplomatic and military fronts buckling ukraine's economic affairs are also on the brink of catastrophe just one day left for care to settle no at least part of its gas bill or else face being moved to pay in advance system potentially a gas cutoff. or that later but next year how does an iraqi repairing to launch the political mechanism through which they hope to turn the country into a radical islamist state according to reports they plan to form a new government in the city of mosul on sunday the capital of the region they captured earlier this week the fear is that baghdad will be next extremists from
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a sunni terrorists group known as isis of made no secret that the capital is the main target of an already entrenched themselves in the north of iraq hundreds of iraqi men have responded to a call to arms issued on friday by the country's top shia cleric the nation to join the fight against the radicals a government strike on the area surrounding the country's biggest oil refinery meantime that reportedly killed some two hundred terrorists that says the u.s. liberates over what kind of assistance to provide itself artie's gunny can explain why. president obama's message to iraq is the u.s. will help it fight the militants but will not put boots on the ground he said he would be reviewing the range of options in the coming days this could mean air strikes but the president has not made a decision yet feel something decayed it is not up to the u.s. to solve iraq's problems we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq but i have asked my national security team to
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prepare a range of other options that could help support iraq security forces and i'll be reviewing those options in the days ahead we can't do it for them in the absence of this type of political effort short term military action including any assistance we might provide won't succeed the sectarian war in iraq broke out after the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three and has been. a source of constant violence ever since it is allowed to the militants with the islamic state of iraq and syria again to gain momentum and recruits the fight against assad in syria is further bolstered these militants and gave them new resources they are now in control of large parts of iraq including iraq's second largest city of mosul the goal of this militant group is to create a caliphate or an islamic state across a vast area that includes syria and iraq when taking over most heavily armed radicals overran police stations for more than
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a thousand prisoners from the city jail and took over the international airport iraqi forces apparently when in the face of leaving behind uniforms weapons and armored vehicles those could be weapons that the u.s. provided to the iraqi security forces that are now in the hands of these militants more than half a million people have fled seeking refuge the situation for most iraqis is dire and it has been so for years they were promised democracy but all they've seen is violence with no end in sight. and washington correspondent. discussed iraq's descent into chaos with the former u.s. ambassador to the country christopher hill he explained how isis could be a menace to any country across the globe that shows on a sunday starting at ten thirty g.m.t. . i see these people you know they are not interested in just iraq they are interested in the rest of us as well and so i think we as a civilization if you will need to be prepared to deal with organizations such as i
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sees the criticism of maliki for not having enough sunni outreach that may be true but i think one can apportion some of the criticism on the sunni's who have made it very clear they're not interested in living under a shia prime minister that has a prime minister represent shia political power and so i think it's a very fundamental problem. britain's increasing its collaboration with the u.s. when it comes to nuclear weaponry raising fears it could lose its to terror and independence that the two countries already would very closely sharing intelligence and exchanging prisoners but as police report such far reaching cooperation might not be benefiting britain's end of the day. america and britain already share nuclear know how in hardware and according to a guardian newspaper scoop that cooperation is to be stepped up even further prompting fresh questions about the independence of the u.k.'s nuclear to terror
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and if we don't have an independent deterrent which means an independent threat then we moderns well just if we want to be protected by nuclear weapons probably the americans are fully and allow them to do it for the cold war may be over but there are still nearly ten thousand u.s. military personnel stationed in britain at dozens of our a.f. bases under u.s. control and we are still five and all for a five year b. she's in britain wires or you have to ask is how many of you see that over the united states and europe doesn't take over america very rich we were in this boring last month the independent on sunday revealed that washington is to spend two hundred million pounds want to revamp of the r.a.f. crouton one of the u.k. bases allegedly involved in mass surveillance of revelations about g c h q and the n.s.a. they are what we could be seeing that british citizens are actually having their
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privacy in paid it's a by a country which is supposed to be our closest ally and friend in the world it's led some voices in the u.k. to question whether american and british interests always overlap britain is now a fairly small in. not a powerful country as we were in the days when we had an empire but we have a national interest we still have a national interest we're still a very big economy we're still an important country but we should exercise that national interest in our interest we shouldn't just slavish lee handed over to the americans anything that they want and yet the succession of british leaders have done little to remedy what many see as a lot of sided relationship under the current extradition treaty between. in america it's much easier for a u.k. citizen to be sent to face trial in the us than the other way around over recent years twice as many people have been extradited from the u.k.
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to the us which british prime minister doesn't. go that extra length for the americans object to commentate. have. to many an american the american stuff which means britain is the fifty first states of america. london. quick break coming up after that a story of selective morality. in the one hundred talk about you know the the six you talk about war crimes and then you sell weapons to this government we found one of the london and the sexual violence summit chose to ignore cases of abuse in sri lanka go to what i like to know find out what treats have been prepared for friends attending the world cup was report for you straight from the ship it's a couple of stories. told in my language of what i will only react to situations i have read the reports
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for. the pollution and no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point to say. the security of a car is on the dock you know. you know more weasel words. when you need a direct question are you prepared for a change when you when you should be ready for a. freedom of speech. the freedom to. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse in the. faces change. to picture. from around the.
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block to. me. hello again ukraine's prime minister's ordered the government to prepare for a halting gas supplies this coming monday of four billion dollars in debt right now and has just days left to pay at least half of what it owes if the deadline isn't met russia will start only delivering gas that is being paid for up front that they were told to artie's correspondent about this ongoing deadlock. so really these latest gas price talks of collapse we seem to be back to square one who's holding it up is ukraine or is it russia was the picture all depends on who you ask for example ukraine says that russia's price is too high and moscow says that kiev demands are simply absurd so let's have a look at the facts first starters ukraine admittedly owes billions of dollars to russia and gazprom has actually moved the deadline for payment back four times and
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now it's seven rounds of negotiations plus a huge hit here though that's still to be purty then we'll talk about what kind of strong position ukraine is in a moment but the economy is so at the moment how are they going to pay that all that is true but remember that i.m.f. loan that ukraine has already gotten and that is actually enough to cover part of their debt and that the fact is russia is not even asking them to pay back in full at least half of what heroes and if they do there's a deal for that moscow well actually throw in a retroactive discount on what ukraine owes and that will save the country millions of desperately needs if war but to the present ukraine is this latest discovery that was all for the one that was on the table is just too hard it's not enough so when we go from here well here is a perspective on the gas price russia is offering three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters which is already eight hundred dollars less than the
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current running price what's more is that russia has actually guaranteed that rate for a year regardless of whether market prices go up and as a matter of fact even europe's energy chief has called the offer very reasonable. i believe that three hundred eighty five dollars is a reduction that could be considered reasonable depending on the volume and length of the contract it could even be less than three hundred eighty five and that will then be the final price ok so we've heard what russia is prepared to do what you crane prepared to do was going to compromise well it doesn't seem like ukraine is going to compromise almost anywhere in fact it has offered to temper. price of three hundred twenty six dollars until a permanent one is agreed upon and that is of course much less than what russia wants on top of that ukraine is refusing to pay back its existing debt until it gets the price that it wants. why does ukraine feel it in such a strong crane may be listening to a third party advisors let's have a listen. perhaps the ukrainians have outside advisors it's just that we've
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observed from the very beginning of the talks that the ukrainian side never really wanted any compromise or any deal. so who is alexey miller talking over there rather cryptically who are these advisors may be was still a bit of a speculation but we've asked that question to a number of experts and there seems to be a predominant let's have a listen crane these are the instructions from the united states of america very very large industrial companies this is also another subtle way of controlling the europeans remember because when and if russia quite rightly stops delivering gas which isn't paid for of course like last time like the previous two times ukraine will simply siphon off that gas which will cause some problems in europe which will further encourage the europeans to be forced to eventually start buying american very expensive american gas as well that's all part of the business plan well any
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richer in russia and the e.u. is really good for america because it is desperate to start selling its own gas if you look at this map right there you can see that europe gets thirty percent of its gas from russian federation and to you and ukraine is actually a major hub on that transport route from russia to europe and what america is desperate to do is to start selling its own gas but the problem is gas prices in europe right now are too low and i'm going to read if you took all this out of the equation all the transit through ukraine how does that go to affect the price of gas it would go up what little now absolutely and that is exactly what would make shipping all that gas for america to europe actually profitable and at the same time it would hit russia's economy to boot so america stands everything to gain and very little to lose. will keep you posted no in another deal or no deal uses played their own little battle quite short this is about brushing gasping off with over the sight of. that's increasingly ridiculous bids online it got to more than
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a million dollars at one point seems it was real even i wasn't impressed they've removed up page no maybe it wasn't real you for the pictures anyway read up more about this mystery adoptee dot com. which was a relevant and diverse range of stories for you to r.t. dot com like this these days a sex change no longer requires any surgery apparently denmark's become the first country in europe to make it possible to change gender legally without physically doing so there isn't a website for it check it out and the pentagon shells out millions of dollars to try to find out why people take to the streets to vent their anger at the political system what do they find you can find out from us. and juliana jolie has been made an honorary dame by the u.k. queen for her humanitarian work she hosted the global summit to end sexual violence together with the u.k.'s foreign secretary as you can see there he was called to to address cases of using rape as
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a weapon it was owned by syria congo and others but the conference to turn a blind died of violations in sri lanka where the experts estimate indeed thousands were raped during almost thirty years of civil war here rights groups say sexual violation is still used there to this day is a torture method against suspected criminals not just criminals also civilians at risk in sri lanka according to this un survey every ninety minutes one woman suffers a rape indeed every day up to five children are abused and often there's little punishment for maybe no punishment mosco free artie's going underground host afshin rattansi spoke to human rights advocates bianca jagger on this channel she's convinced the u.k. ignores sri lanka's violations because it fuelled the civil war by selling millions of dollars worth of weapons to the country. but i did some research and i found reports about how the u.k. send weapons that probably where in use in the mass killing of the terminal at the end of the war and even before and it is believed the between seven hundred fifty
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to seventy thousand innocent civilians were killed among the turmel and it is a real persecution of the tamil even today and why is the u.k. government silent and of course they have something to answer because of the sale of weapons to that country and because sri lanka holds the presidency of the commonwealth in the one hand you talk about you know the sexual violence and you talk about war crimes and then you sell weapons to this government. talking to the international the big names talk to us the next live news update coming up in just about thirty four minutes time got some great programs lined up after the break it's the kaiser report if you're watching us internationally if watching us in the u.k. is going underground.
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there's a new immigrant and i've got a polygamous family i'm looking for a woman who understands me anyway and i want her to share my goal of saving our people from the extinction of the. young i've had two failed marriages and she's had one. wish changed our attitude towards polygamous marriage and have decided to find a man to marry as. we want to more women we could lay your kids together but as . my dream is to have lots. of forty kids are going to do that with only one wife so it's impossible. eugenics but you jennifer vulgarize ation of darwin science punishment for an
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uncommitted crying i was sterilised well known for being innately feeble minded still today those who feel i don't know why. but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology don't stop at just sterilizing and now go to the point of death. for years rarely discussed on till now i'd really rather not talk about that right. welcome to the kaiser report imax keyser in the words of mary poppins just a face full of water makes the austerity go down the austerity go down wound
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bailouts balance and buybacks and banks are feathering their nests of no time to rest while the plundering your pensions are strivings and wealth. boom boom boom and bust but just like it's full of water makes the austerity go down their stair to go down wow well mary poppins was a freak who is she can't believe she's saying that song this so where she is so prescient to know that all of this is going to happen right behind us the mayor of london has bought three what do they called wasser work for one thousand water can . now you just write the mayor as the mayor there is come to him as a visitor to the show here is the mayor boris johnson well he's a gentleman. and areas where the chinese people for the chinese people yes he loves chinese people well let's listen to this little audio clip from l b c radio where he was asked why he bought them fuel being accused of playing politics by purchasing one hundred twenty seven thousand pounds
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worth of water cannon and a bit of a dust up with the home secretary. what we're doing is we're trying to save some money he said he bought them in order to save us money yeah it will save us money funny you should mention money because on star joint dot com way our crowd funding thirty thousand pounds to buy the people's water cannon the people's water cannon so also we also are going to crowd fund the purchase of thousands of water weaponry such as these waters. pistols and we want an army of volunteers to follow to shadow boris johnson who is easy to spot he looks like this shadow boris johnson and whenever he uses his water cannon then scorn him in the face with.


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